Voluntary Medicare Society
Established in the year 1970 as a medico-social voluntary organization dedicated to the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of potential beneficiaries and to the empowerment of society.


NH1, Bemina By-pass, adjacent to Haj House - SKIMS Medical College, Bemina, Srinagar, J&K, India 190018


Shafaqat Rehabilitation Center

Shafaqat Rehabilitation Center (SRC) at Voluntary Medicare Society is a specialty medical rehabilitation center providing comprehensive physical and cognitive rehabilitation services. 
With about 50 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation services for the physically challenged, Voluntary Medicare Society realized that a challenged person can be restored to a condition from where he/she can live independently and maximize to restore normal life with a comprehensive post health care management.  This thought leads to the foundation of Shafaqat Rehabilitation Centre in the year 2007.  The program is run under the consultation of one of its primary members who has a spinal injury himself and has been in a wheelchair since 1987.  

SRC is a piece taken from his experience as a spinal injured person and his recovery and complete rehabilitation at the National Spinal Injuries Center at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the UK.  The program demystifies the realities of living in the community by addressing not just the medical but practical, emotional, and social concerns of the people.  Issues like relationships, security, and confidentiality particularly in terms of partners, private space, children, and parental roles are discussed in detail. 

SRC provides several rehabilitation services.  These services are offered to the in-patients and out-patients equally. It takes pride in pioneering the use of Hydrotherapy, Paediatric Developmental therapy, adaptive devices, and CAM therapy in the state thus catering to the needs of people suffering from chronic ailments prevalent at large in the society like spinal Injuries, stroke, obesity, arthritis, joint deformities, amputation, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, autism speech and hearing ailments. etc

DISABLE” condition doesn’t only make an individual physically disable but also shatters his whole family life. In the absence of a proper and regular comprehensive professional management, many of them succumb to fatal complications. If properly treated, most of them can lead normal life style and actively contribute to the society.”

Inaugurating Shafaqat Rehabilitation Center

SRC Services


The physiotherapy lounge at SRC is fully equipped with all the state-of-the-art equipment to provide the therapies like Exercise therapy, Electro, Hydro, Developmental , Bladder & Bowel management, Gait training. Care is taken to provide Pediatric developmental therapy to children. Physiotherapy for ortho and neuro rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists train patients in Activities of daily living ( ADL ) by relearning a variety of daily activities like eating, dressing and personal hygiene; Besides sensory integration therapy,  hand therapy, Splint making, behavior modification, Home & environmental modification,  transfer techniques, Posture and economics, Cognitive Perceptual Re-training.  Instructions are given both to the patient and family on the use of the equipment as well as daily living.

Prosthetics & Orthotics Department

In collaboration with International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC, Geneva) we have established a prosthetic and orthotic center for persons with limb amputations. The center is fully equipped with modern gadgets and technology using the best material available in international market. The limbs and splints are provided free of cost to the needy after a process of assessment for eligibility. The patients are discharged after providing gait training by physiotherapists specially trained for the purpose. 

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology devices like mobility aids are provided after proper assessment and taking community into consideration for purposeful usage.  We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets and modalities for customizing mobility aids. We provide both active and passive wheelchair training. Aids for eating, writing, wheel chair pushing especially for Spinal injuries patients of very high quality & material are also made & patients trained to use them.

Developmental Therapy

We aim at the holistic development of the infant or young child in communication, thinking and motor skills through the use of intervention techniques like neuro-development treatment, postural management, counseling, and exercise therapy.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Due to physical properties of water like relative density, surface tension, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, turbulence & temperature, it helps in treating various ranges of physical & psychological ailments including pain relief.

CAM Therapy

CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicines) therapy focuses upon the treatment of multiple ailments by naturopathy, medicated oil, steam, and another healing program. These are often provided in combination with other mainstream medical therapies. Various practices are: • Pain Management. • weight reduction packages. • Stress management program.

Visually Impaired
Rehabilitation Unit

It is run by trained visually impaired staff.
The department provides mobility, ADLs, braille, computer training, caregiver training, early learning kits and ophthalmology consultations.

Peer Counseling

A VMS member who is a well rehabilitated spinal cord injured person from National Spinal Injury Centre Stoke Mandeville London and thus has a fair knowledge of bodily impact injury and its social impact on a person’s life and his family remains available at the center for counseling of the patients and his/her Care takers
Peer Counselling is an effective way to not only increase knowledge and skills of persons with disabilities but also reduce the sense of social isolation that can often be a result of disability. VMS has got good peer trainers who offer these services to the beneficiaries on regular basis.

Fitness Center

Facility includes

GYM Timing

Always Open

VMS gymnasium facilities are among the best in the field, tailor-made for the delivery of specialized care and offering the utmost in comfort for our patients. VMS Fitness center is also available to people in general.  The professional and comforting environment has provided a haven for many people especially women in Kashmir who are suffering from chronic ailments like obesity, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Facility includes

• Free Weights • Physio Training Area
• Treadmills
• Weight Machines
• Fitness & Stretching
• Steam bath and shower

Fitness Center Timings

Hassle free parking is available at all timings for the users of the gym


10:00 am to 3:30 pm


6:30 am to 9:00 am
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

OPD/IPD Consultation

SRC provides consultations of super-specialty doctors for needy & deserving patients from time to time to enhance their quality of life. Regular seminars on physical & mental disabilities and their social impact are conducted in its auditorium.

Psycho-Social Intervention

Psychiatric consultations for outpatient and in patients are conducted from time to time for psycho-social well-being of patients under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Mushtaq Margoob, Ex. HOD Mental Health and Neurosciences Hospital, Rainawari Srinagar.