Voluntary Medicare Society
Established in the year 1970 as a medico-social voluntary organization dedicated to the care, treatment, and rehabilitation of potential beneficiaries and to the empowerment of society.


NH1, Bemina By-pass, adjacent to Haj House - SKIMS Medical College, Bemina, Srinagar, J&K, India 190018


The physiotherapy lounge at SRC is fully equipped with all the state-of-the-art equipment to provide the therapies like Exercise therapy, Electro, Hydro, Developmental , Bladder & Bowel management, Gait training. Care is taken to provide Pediatric developmental therapy to children. Physiotherapy for ortho and neuro rehabilitation.

Developmental Therapy

We aim at the holistic development of the infant or young child in communication, thinking and motor skills through the use of intervention techniques like neuro-development treatment, postural management, counseling, and exercise therapy.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists train patients in Activities of daily living ( ADL ) by relearning a variety of daily activities like eating, dressing and personal hygiene; Besides sensory integration therapy,  hand therapy, Splint making, behavior modification, Home & environmental modification,  transfer techniques, Posture and economics, Cognitive Perceptual Re-training.  Instructions are given both to the patient and family on the use of the equipment as well as daily living.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Due to physical properties of water like relative density, surface tension, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, turbulence & temperature, it helps in treating various ranges of physical & psychological ailments including pain relief.

CAM Therapy

CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicines) therapy focuses upon the treatment of multiple ailments by naturopathy, medicated oil, steam, and another healing program. These are often provided in combination with other mainstream medical therapies. Various practices are: • Pain Management. • weight reduction packages. • Stress management program.